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Solar Powered Laptop

SOL – The First Truly Solar-Powered Laptop SOL is the world first truly solar laptop from WeWi Telecommunications powered by the power of sun. With its 10-hour working autonomy it’s the perfect travelling companion which will never let you down as it almost never needs to be plugged into the …

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PowerTrekk – A Water Ran Sodium Silicide Battery Charger

A Water Ran Sodium Silicide Battery Charger is not a hand crank battery charger but it does it trick with the portability and usefulness of energy production. myFC™, an innovative fuel cell technology company from Stockholm (Sweden), developing fuel cell chargers and low cost fuel cell components which efficiently extend …

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DIY Wind up smartphone charger

Although today’s smartphones come equipped with  large touch screens, Bluetooth, build in GPS receivers, multiple connectivity options and all other useful capabilities they are very energy consuming devices and have pretty disappointing battery life. This could be a big problem while traveling in remote countries with scarce infrastructure or in …

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