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Turn Your Waste into Energy

Have you ever thought that you organic waste could be useful as a resource and not just a waste? With new technology adapted to lover scale home use it can. An Israeli startup HomeBiogas has developed an affordable and compact anaerobic digester that converts organic waste into cooking gas and …

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DIY: gravity light/gravity generator

How to make a gravity light/gravity generator that powers an LED using the force of gravity with two falling masses turning a generator? Watch this instructional video from rimstar.org and learn how you can make a low cost gravity generator producing electricity for lighting using material which are usually at …

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New Technology

Ocean Energy Turbine – Limitless Clean Energy

There are many promising forms of renewable energy in the world today, but most are limited by the consistency and quantity of renewable energy that can be produced. Crowd Energy, a small collection of Engineers, Inventors, and Scientists, behind the new Kickstarter campaign are trying to develop, as they say, a first commercially viable clean renewable energy source that has the potential to compete with and eventually replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy dependence.

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Pocket socket 2 – a new generation of hand crank generators

Energy Independence with K-Tor K-Tor Pocket Socket 2 is new and improved hand crank generator, the second generation of the top-selling Pocket Socket hand crank generator. It incorporates the learning from long term testing and customer feedback since the launch of the original Pocket Socket which makes it better, more efficient and …

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