ocean turbine

There are many promising forms of renewable energy in the world today, but most are limited by the consistency and quantity of renewable energy that can be produced. Crowd Energy, a small collection of Engineers, Inventors, and Scientists, behind the new Kickstarter campaign are trying to develop, as they say, a first commercially viable clean renewable energy source that has the potential to compete with and eventually replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy dependence. They have a team of specialists in SubSea Engineering, Oceanography, Marine Ecology and Conservation, Electrical Engineering, Fabrication and Design, all working to design a limitless clean energy for future needs. With the noble goal of finding a practical and responsible way to replace the use of Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy they have committed to identify a renewable energy source that is capable of consistent clean energy production in enough quantity to satisfy the all growing energy needs.

Ocean Currents as source of clean, renewable energy

When thinking about renewable energy, the thing that comes to most people’s mind are solar panels first and wind turbines second. This is because wind and solar are the most easily accessible forms of renewable energy, so as a result they are the most common. Wind and solar energy have a number of applications where they excel but they are not a realistic solution to replacing Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy because they do not meet the criteria. Although most people know the ocean is constantly moving few are actually aware of the enormous potential power this movement creates.  Because of this lack of knowledge about the energy potential of ocean currents among the population, one of the first goals of Crowd Energy is to educate people about vast potentials of reliable clean and renewable energy, hidden in oceans currents. The constant flow of currents gives constant potential to current turbines movement which provide reliable consistent energy, more than we as humans could ever use. This is a clean, non-polluting, eternal, renewable energy which could end our dependence on Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy.

The benefits of ocean energy turbine comparing to issues of wind turbines and sun panels are quite obvious. As ocean energy turbines are hidden beneath the surface of see they don’t obstruct light, make noise, and vibration which are usually the problems of wind turbines which are located too close to populated areas. Sitting on the sea floor they are also well protected from dangers like Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tsunamis, Terrorist attacks, EMP from Solar Flares, etc..

To better illustrate the potential and benefits of the ocean currents as renewable energy source, the Crowd Energy presented four important facts, to analyse the suitability of renewable energy source:

1. Near limitless supply of energy – Energy that will not run out in the next 1000 years and comes from a source that has existed for the last 1000 years.

2. A constant even supply of energy – No periods of non-production, no spikes in production, no movement in energy location.

3. High energy density – Energy can be collected at one location with realistic commitment of technology and resources.

4. Survivability – Energy supply and collection is not disrupted by storms, natural disaster, war, etc. Ocean Current Energy is the only form of renewable non-polluting energy that meets all of these requirements and it is the only energy source with the potential to replace Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy.

Ocean Currents Turbine as producer of drinking water

The inventors of Ocean Energy Turbine have also pioneered the concept of simultaneous production of energy and fresh water. As they explain, Ocean Current Turbines have an abundance of shaft torque which can be used to drive high pressure Reverse Osmosis Desalinization Pumps to provide not only limitless energy, but also limitless fresh water which makes a huge potential of that technology for humanity.

How do the Turbines work?

The turbine is composed of three sets of blades which close when they are moving in the same direction as the flow of water. When the blades close they create an obstacle that the water has to push out of its path of flow. When water pushes on the closed blades it causes the main shaft and generator to rotate which produces energy in the form of electricity. When the blades are moving in the opposite direction as the flow of water they open. When the blades open they create minimal drag in the oncoming flow of water. This design creates very high surface area and drag on the power stroke side of the turbine while creating very low surface area and drag on the returning side. This design has proven to be the most efficient for collecting ocean currents.

What are the environmental impacts?

The Marine Animal Behaviorist, Oceanographers as well as Marine Biologists which are a part of developing team take the marine environment very seriously ensuring that everything is designed to work in harmony with its ocean environment. They make sure that the project will not have a negative impact on the marine environment. We can accomplish this by using eco-friendly materials and coatings on the turbine and selecting locations away from reef habitats.

Kickstarter Campaign

The inventors are trying to raise funds for their project through a Kickstarter campaign. You can be a part of the action and support their project at Kickstarter.com