While traveling self sufficient gadgets are best to carry around as you don’t always have an opportunity to connect to the electricity grid and recharge the batteries.  The Wind ‘N Go TimeMinder is a wind up travel alarm clock which can be powered by hand. It is ideal for long travels as it will not only be a reliable alarm clock, but it is also a personal emergency tool. The internal rechargeable battery can be charged by using the dynamo and hand crank. You can also charge the battery by using the included USB adapter plugged into a USB port. The internal rechargeable battery powers the 3 LED flashlight, AM/FM radio and high decibel siren.

The Wind ‘N Go TimeMinder is also equipped with a power out jack that can provide emergency charging of your cell phone. Although it cannot fully charge your cell phone you would be able to make an emergency call when charging you cell phone by hand cranking for a minimum of 3 minutes.


  • Digital alarm clock
  • AM/FM radio
  • 3-LED flashlight
  • Blue Backlit display
  • High-decibel siren
  • Cell phone charger (Nokia adapter included).
  • May be charged using a USB adapter (included)
  • Warranty 1 year


  • Internal Rechargeable battery : 3 AA NiMH 3.6V 300mA
  • Clock/Alarm battery : 2 Replaceable AGIO (expect 1 year usable life)
  • USB DC charging input : 5 volt DC
  • Weight : 8 oz
  • Dimensions : 4.38″ Length x 2″ Width x 2.5″ Depth
  • Radio Bands : AM 525 – 1710 Khz and FM 88 – 108 Mhz

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